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Välkomna till vårt första inlägg på vår nya hemsida!
Nyhet på vår hemsida är bland annat denna blogg och fler funktioner kommer med tiden!


Har ni några frågor är ni välkomna att kontakta oss!


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For many years, The Djurgården line has been a highly appreciated feature of Stockholm's transport. What is the background of this success? Probably a combination of a feeling for heritage, the sound and smell of riding the old trams, and the dedication of our Tramway Society members, who provide excellent service to our passengers. Our heritage trams also have the other advantages of modern trams. They are environmentally friendly, high-capacity, and operate smoothly in city traffic.

3,200 meters of track
The Djurgården Line was inaugurated on a beautiful, though cloudy, summer day in 1991. The line is 3,200 meters long and runs between Norrmalmstorg in central Stockholm and Waldemarsudde on Djurgården. Service is provided for most of the year on weekends, and also on weekdays during the summer. The Djurgården Line, line 7N, provides a well-appreciated enhancement of capacity for the land-based public transport to and from Djurgården. The old trams have carried as many as 11,000 passengers in a day.

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